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  • The Farmer's Elevator of Honeyford
    would like to extend a warm welcome!

    Honeyford Elevator is here to work for you by pooling its resources to meet the needs of you, our customer, as well as to secure a stable and prosperous future.

    We provide a wide array of services: grain marketing, storage, drying, edible bean handling, and more. We offer a full line of agronomy services, including field scouting, rogating, and terragating. We also carry fertilizer, herbicide, and seed.

    Our primary goal, at Honeyford, is to see you flourish,
    whether your business is private or corporate.

    This is your company, here to serve you!

  • History

    1905: An organizational meeting was held on June 24, 1905. 1906: LJ Larson hired as manager. BQ hired as commission house. 1907: Knute Gullikson hired as manager. 1912: WMW Erb hired as manager. 1918: Mr. Gullikson hired as manager. 1922: John H Jorgenson hired as manager. 1926: Ed Evans hired as manager.
    1930: George Hanson hired as manager. 1931: Atwood-Larson was hired as a commission company. 1934: Coal Shed was built. 1937: Andy Solberg hired as manager. New scale put in. 1941: Elevator wired for electricity; new annex was built. 1944: Bjorn Johnson hired as manager. 1952: New annex built. 1953: John McGrath hired as manager.
    1959: New 45,000 bu elevator built. 1961: New warehouse built for fertilizer and seed. 1968: Bulk fertilizer plant built. 1976: New 145,000 bu elevator built. 1977: Walley Breckel hired after Jon McGrath retired. 1982: Ed Auch hired as manager. 1983: Allen Hefta hired as manager.

  • "Current" History

    1986: Kevin Peach was hired as the new elevator manager. 1992: Gilby Elevator and Fertilizer was purchased and added to Co-op. 1997: A plant was built to handle navy beans for WG Thompson. 2000: McCanna and Niagara merged into Honeyford. The flood came and washed out the rail line. Oslo Elevator bought from Atwood for rail head. 2002: BQ was, once again, hired as commission house. 2003: Honeyford rail line bought by NPR railroad and reopened. Elevator converted to 100 car shuttle loading capacity. 2004: Oslo Elevator sold to Alvarado Co-op. 2007: 210,000 bu of storage added. 40,000 bu/hr load-out installed. 2009: New 7500 bu/hr corn dryer purchased. Installed rail unload system. 2010: Second scale and probe installed. Corn receiving facility built along with 240,000 bu bin. 2011: 380,000 bu capacity was added to the existing corn storage facility.

About Us
  • Kevin Peach, Manager

    Honeyford Elevator Manager

    As manager of the Honeyford Elevator, I believe that our staff is the backbone of the company. We have experienced, qualified personnel who take their responsibility to serve you seriously. They truly care.

    Many of them have spent a large portion of their career here; we are proud of that. You will find a list of our staff below, with their contact information. We are here to serve you.

  • Elevator Staff

    • Chris Peach

      Chris Peach


    • Dave Brazee

      Dave Brazee


    • Jeff Yon

      Jeff Yon


    • Ross Georgeson

      Ross Georgeson


    • Shayne Bratlie

      Shayne Bratlie


    • Steve Camp

      Steve Camp


  • Agronomy Staff

    • Rick Anderson

      Rick Anderson



    • Brandon Brueckner

      Brandon Brueckner


    • Clay Atkinson

      Clay Atkinson


    Email Addresses:
    Rick Anderson: honey3@polarcomm.com

  • Office Staff

    • Melissa Rader

      Melissa Rader

    • Susan Gullikson

      Susan Gullikson

    • Tammy Bjerke

      Tammy Bjerke

    Email Addresses:
    Melissa Rader: honey1@polarcomm.com
    Susan Gullikson: fechoney@polarcomm.com
    Tammy Bjerke: honey4@polarcomm.com


Coming Up

Check Back for New Upcoming Events!

  • Wheat

    04/11/2014: Basis-Basis is steady.

  • Corn

    04/11/2014: Basis- Basis is firming.

  • Soybeans

    04/11/2014: Basis- Basis is steady.

  • Fertilizer

    We offer liquid, NH3 and dry fertilizers. We have blending plants located in Gilby and McCanna.

    Liquid fertilizer is at our Honeyford location, with NH3 in Gilby and Niagara.

    We have two dry custom applicating machines and one liquid machine.

    We also offer farm delivery.

    We have prepay, booking and deferred price programs.

    Rick Anderson: Manager
      call: 218.791.4181
      email: honey3@polarcomm.com

  • Chemicals

    We offer competive prices and farm delivery.

    Scouting upon request.

    Rick Anderson: Manager
      call: 218.791.4181
      email: honey3@polarcomm.com

  • Rick's Tips

    Urea pricing is tending higher at this time which should continue into spring.

    MAP is holding steady which, hopefully will hold through spring planting.

    10-34-0 is still able to be had just the pricing changes almost daily and supply come spring looks to be tight. Call for current pricing.


Photo Essay

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